The TechnoExperts Project

The goal of the Techno-Expert Project is for students to research a piece of modern technology, construct a working model which represents that technology, and convey their findings through a digital poster.

A “digital poster,” in essence, is really just a webpage. It is the contextual presentation that transforms the webpage into a digital poster. First, students must develop a single webpage in teams, focusing on communicating scientific information succinctly to an audience of experts and non-experts. Then, students present their digitally curated content simultaneously on monitors in a single physical location–mirroring the traditional poster session.

Presenting information via digital media is a common practice in the sciences. Thus, the students are learning skills which will be useful for other courses and their professional careers.

This site contains information about the TechnoProject assignment and instructions for creating a “digital poster.” This site also serves as the final repository for all digital posters created by the students.